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Guardian Therapy Dogs is a volunteer driven, non-profit organization committed to serving the needs of Jacksonville area rape survivors. We provide pure bred German Shepherd Guardian Therapy Dogs to assist rape survivors and provide a feeling of security and companionship. We do not provide attack or guard dogs. The Guardian Therapy Dogs will only be placed with a survivor of sexual assault through referral from an approved local rape crisis counseling center.

We provide Guardian Therapy Dogs to victims at our actual cost to buy and raise the dog. This includes the purchase of the dog, veterinary care, medicine, food, crates, leashes, toys, etc. We add no overhead or administrative fees. We provide Guardian Therapy Dogs to survivors on a sliding scale and will provide a dog at no cost to those who qualify.

All applicants must demonstrate an ability to provide ongoing care and a good quality of life to the Guardian Therapy Dog. To be considered for acceptance the applicant must demonstrate the appropriate personality and lifestyle characteristics, aptitude and ability to provide care for the Guardian Therapy Dog; including but not limited to food, grooming, veterinary care and time to spend with the Guardian Therapy Dog. The survivor must reside in a single family home in the Jacksonville metro area. They must have utility bills in their name at the residence. The residence must have a fenced in yard, an invisible fence, or the victims must demonstrate action taken to acquire a fence.

The applicant must agree to complete a course of approved dog training that will be provided at no cost to the applicant.

To discuss adoption of a Guardian Therapy Dog please contact Michael Hosto at contact info above.

Guardian Therapy Dogs does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability. We have a very limited number of Guardian Therapy Dogs available to serve the survivors in the Jacksonville metro area so we evaluate all applications on of the basis of their individual needs and characteristics.