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How To Contribute Your Time, Your Home or a Financial Gift

Giving to those truly in need is a remarkable experience unlike any other. There is no other place that we know of for a rape survivor to turn to for a Guardian such as ours.

Your family or organization will experience an amazing feeling of satisfaction when they know they have provided a resource such as this for a rape survivor struggling to overcome a horrible tragedy.

We also need all kinds of volunteers:

•Free or Discounted Veterinary Services

•Free or Discounted Food / Supplies

•Legal Services

•Social Media

•Web Design

•Be a Foster Family

•Corporate Partnership Liaison Marketing and Promotions

•Puppy Recruiting



We are in Need of Contributions:

• We would like to ask your family, corporation or group to sponsor a Guardian Therapy Dog. With your contribution of $1,700 (the amount needed to purchase and raise a dog including crate, toys, food and veterinary care) you get a commemorative plaque with the dog’s name and picture, you will name the dog, and you will deliver the dog to the victim with the Girl Scout who fostered the dog. 

•Have your company, group or family host a fundraiser such as a charity golf, poker, fishing or paintball tournament, a fitness run or a dinner party. These are fantastic team building experiences and provide priceless goodwill to the organizational brand both within the company and in the community.  

•Contribute A Dog - We seek breeders who share our compassion for rape survivors. A contribution or reduction in cost is greatly appreciated and we will provide a tax deductible receipt at the end of the year.


Contribute Today

Sponsor a dog or contribute to it's education for a victim today!

It costs about $1,700 to provide a Guardian Therapy Dog to a rape victim.

Those costs include:
- buying the puppy
- crate, leash, toys
- Shots, spaying and healthcare costs
- food

We also appreciate those with special skills needed to advance the organization.
Web design
Vet care
We provide the Guardian Therapy Dogs to local rape victims on a sliding scale and at no cost to those who demonstrate financial need.    

Your generous contributions will have a profound effect on a rape victims life for years to come. 


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