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Victim Services & Guardian Therapy Dog Placement

Rape... is an almost unimaginable and horrific experience. For some of those victims who survive an attack, life may never be the same again. Some rape victims can spend the rest of their lives in extreme fear of a repeated attack. Some rape victims may struggle to ever experience the feeling of safety again. Guardian Therapy Dogs, Inc. is an organization of volunteers committed to helping rape victims live a more normal life with the assistance of a trusted guardian and companion.

We are a Jacksonville area non-profit organization with aspirations of growing into a nationwide charity organization. Our Guardian Therapy Dogs provide a practical sense of security to a rape victim. We provide Guardian Therapy Dogs to victims of violent sexual assault on a sliding scale and at no cost at all to those who demonstrate financial need. We service those in our community who will benefit from the reliable sense of security that a Guardian Therapy Dog can provide to a rape victim at home, at work, at play or traveling.


Therapy Dogs

We utilize only female pure bred German Shepherd Dogs as Guardians. We do not provide “attack dogs”. In fact the opposite is true. Our Guardian Therapy Dogs are socialized and disciplined, pure bred, female German Shepherd dogs.

As the name “Shepherd” implies, the female German Shepherd is an instinctual maternal protector of her flock with a warm, loving disposition and unusual intelligence. The German Shepherd does not need to be trained to be protective. Being the protector of the flock is a deeply ingrained characteristic of the German Shepherd DNA.We are always in need of new puppies under the age of 6 months.  


Become a Foster Family for a Puppy

We need responsible local families to provide a prescribed program of socialization and obedience training for our adorable little puppies.

Raising a Guardian Therapy Dog is an experience that will build character and personal integrity in a child. It is profound act of generosity, service and charity that your whole family can experience together and be proud of. Our puppies are just the most adorable things you ever laid your eyes on. This process is significant life experience that your children will remember for the rest of their lives. The foster family may also be actively involved in process of naming the dog and delivering the dog to the victim.