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Volunteer Services

Raising a Guardian Therapy Dog is a profound act of generosity, service and charity that your whole family can experience together and be proud of.

Our puppies are just the most adorable things you have ever laid your eyes on. This process is a significant experience that your children will remember for the rest of their lives. The foster family may also be actively involved in the process of delivering the Guardian Therapy Dog to the survivor. 

Volunteer foster families are carefully screened, vetted and prepared for the commitment of raising a puppy with such an important life mission. The dog master must be a female and be committed to the objectives of the organization. Guardian Therapy Dogs will live with the foster family until the dog reaches the age of  6-7 months old. At that time the Guardian Therapy Dog will be eligible for adoption by a rape survivor.

We provide a specified behavioral and obedience program the GSD will really enjoy.

All veterinary/ medical and food expenses are paid by the organization while in the care of the foster family.

Crates are provided and crate training is required for our dogs. This will make your experience much easier. For more information on this process, go to www.cratetrainingpuppies.net.

NOTICE - Raising a puppy is a big commitment of time and energy. All applicants should take an ample amount of time to decide if such a commitment is reasonable in their lives.

We would also be most grateful for in kind or reduced services from local veterinarians.